Five DoFollow Link Sites for Your Blog and Website

Search engines such as Google rely on backlinks to rank your blog or website’s popularity. A backlink increases your PageRank (PR) which essentially helps your Google search result rank.  Google sees backlinks as a metric to analyze your website’s popularity and quality. Creating a good link campaign is part of building your search engine popularity.

A DoFollow link means the website that hosts the link passes PR to your website. Google introduced the NoFollow property to discourage link scheming. You can link out to a poorly ranked website, but placing a NoFollow property in the link stops Google from passing your high PR to the lower quality website. Since it’s generally thought that passing PR to lower ranked websites decreases your Google rank, webmasters begin implementing a NoFollow policy. NoFollow links don’t do anything for Google PR, so finding a DoFollow link site has become more difficult.  Here are five DoFollow sites that help earn your blog or website better PR rank.

Associated Content

You must pass an editor approval to post an Associated Content article. Associated Content was bought out by Yahoo, so editing guidelines are more strict. You can hire an Associated Content writer with clout to better your chances of passing through the editing system. As a matter of fact, I am an approved AC writer. Contact me, if you need an article written.

Google Knol

Google Knol is a lot like Wikipedia.  A Knol is a page of information written by experts on a topic. You are able to post links within the Knol and in your writer profile. These links are DoFollow. You must first sign up to use Google Knol, and the site is moderated. If you link out to irrelevant or poor quality sites, the link may be removed.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Social networking is a common, first-step way to get DoFollow links. LinkedIn is a collaboration of professionals. You post your professional experience and join LinkedIn groups to network with other professionals. Create a business page in Facebook, and join in with other Twitter followers. Social networking is one of the biggest ways to draw traffic to any website.


Technorati is the biggest blog search engine. It indexes strictly blogs. Technorati has millions of blogs indexed, and the links are DoFollow. Blog owners use Technorati to “ping” new posts and get them indexed faster. This is beneficial if you do not update your blog frequently, and your Google crawl rate is slow. You ping Technorati, the blog search engine picks up your new posts, and these posts are added to Google more quickly.


Reddit is a user-contributed list of links. You can’t simply sign up on Reddit and post your link. Links are NoFollow until you start building a reputation on the site. However, if you work on your Reddit reputation, it’s a high PR site that can earn you a quality backlink. Spamming Reddit is frowned upon, and users can also downrank you.

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  1. The importance of dofollow link for SEO is that it can increase the PR of the site. With the PR increase, you have more chance that your site would be visited and followed


  2. A backlink increases any website PageRank (PR) which essentially helps Google search result rank. Google sees backlinks as a metric to analyze any website’s popularity and quality. Creating a good link campaign is part of building search engine popularity.


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